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Our La Cuchilla location serves as a Guatemala chapter of MOPS- (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) a US-based faith-based women's ministry. It's goal is to help mom's maintain and build their faith while under the demands of raising children. 

MOPS provides some educational material, speakers, and events that supplement our own monthly meetings and small group sessions. Prayer and community are the group's focus.

The women's ministry also serves a vital role in referring folks to our programs and monitoring at-risk families we already know. 



Our mission receives a substantial food staple donation monthly. It is enough that we can assist a small roster of at-risk neighborhood families with groceries on a regular basis. 

At the end of each cycle, we take any leftover food items for distribution to a group of senior citizens. 

We are always ready to help any family with a small bundle of food staples when needed, even if we have to supplement our stock. 

Some suppliers occasionally call us to donate large quantities of an item they have in excess. Those items, which have included plantains, cereals, aloe water, rice, and more- are shared with all the families of the program and as far beyond as we can. 


Our mission maintains a goodwill fund for small emergencies that come to our attention. 

Whether we spot folks in distress during our travels or if we hear of an issue through our women's ministry or other friends, we are ready to dole out some quetzales for a taxi, meds, or a clinic visit. 

And we always have bundles of food or some meals ready to distribute. 


The Ciudad de Refugio Church is a separate organization housed within our La Cuchilla mission site. 

However, we are proud to run a Sunday School for the entire neighborhood at the site during their service. Over 30 children- only 12 of whom are church members- receive breakfast, a Bible lesson, and fun activities each week. 

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