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Our mission started as a small operation focused on supporting an inner-city children's feeding program and an annual Christmas celebration.

Finances and a growing family kept us small even as we felt God calling us to do more.

In 2017, we received a pledge of support that allowed us to pursue our dreams of devoting more time to the children and women of our community and elsewhere.

Our mission now includes a growing children’s ministry centered around a feeding program, a thriving women’s ministry, support to the teachers and students of a rural school in the Guatemalan highlands, and a youth church in Cocales.

We also ministered to survivors of the Volcano Fuego disaster. We distributed 2700 Bibles, along with boxes of food, clothing, and other supplies and equipment.

Here are some details on where we work and what we do. For photos and more info, click the title words. 

IMG_0426 (2).  Pat and Yesenia clown around with students in Pamamus.


Children are the main focus of our mission. We serve about 450 hot meals per week to kids in La Cuchilla and Santa Fe and celebrate holidays and events with the children. 


But we believe learning about God and feeling Jesus' love will provide the confidence to beat poverty cycles and escape the world they know now. 

Our weekly sessions are supplemented by special guests, events, and projects. 


Our whole team of volunteers spends most of December buying, wrapping, and delivering gifts as part of our annual Christmas  Project. 

But most importantly, we take the opportunity to spread the Word of the Good News to as many people as we can along the way. 

We carry gifts of need, toys, food, and more as we preach the reason for Jesus' coming and our salvation to hundreds of kids and their parents. 


Our women's ministries grew from informal conversations where we learned of families in distress and children with special needs. 

In 2016, we formally created women's ministries with regular meetings involving prayer, conversation, crafts, and speakers. 

Our membership in MOPS gives us access to large events, leadership training, literature, and more to share with our moms. 


In the La Finca section of Cocales is a small church that sprouted from the efforts of local mechanic trained as a minister.  

Not only did he grow a flock of about 40 adults, but his sons also branched off and host a weekly service for over 50 children and adolescents. 

We help the family in various ways. We provide projects and events that help keep their kids energized and engaged. We've also provided Bibles and other supplies. 


MCU Guatemala maintains a small fund to help our neighbors in unexpected and emergency situations. 

We have covered emergency medical costs and helped families deal with flood damage and other challenges with grants or small loans.

That fund was a bit taxed when the Fuego Volcano erupted in 2018. We are licensed to accept donations and respond to a massive disaster like that. Our supporters didn't fail us as we received enough help to make over 50 trips to shelters in the months that followed. 


Nestled among some of Guatemala's best farmland just beyond the city of Comalapa lies the Pamamus school.


160 students from pre-K through 6th grade attend the school. The teachers and students are awesome, but they need help. 

Beside providing Christian conversations, we bring some needed things like shoes and sweaters, as well as many of the teachers' supplies. 

The school has adopted us as much as we did them. It is a joy to bring God's word and more to these folks. 

1b7ffd30-2fc5-442e-a7e4-d1d22d5359d7. Bible story in la Cuchilla
AWJM1790. Needy children show off their new sneakers.
walking. Children from Santa Fe help Pat carry food to the serving site.
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