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Our kids live in some of Guatemala's poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods. Violence, extortion, and corruption complicate the struggle to support and feed families. We've already seen 10 of our children shot, five of them fatally. Food provides the initial draw. But it's everything else that keeps kids coming. 

Putting the Love of Jesus on display for these children in the form of breaking bread, shared blessings, and offering some caring hugs and smiles creates a respite- indeed a safe haven in the concrete jungle of the city and in the oppressive heat of our more rural locations. 

When tragedy hits, we show up at homes or to gather the children at our feeding sites. We let them tell us what they think, what they fear, what they need. We share a lot of what we hear through our church, our women's ministry, and our parents social media group. 


It's easy to describe what we do and where we do it. It is difficult to relate how it works and why it is important. But we hope you appreciate our impact and support us in prayer and however else you can.


Annual kickoff pizza party 

Children's Day (October 1)

Monthly birthday party

Good News! (Christmas)


We'll serve over 30,000 hot meals this year to our 380 children at 4 locations. In Cocales, we are the only organization feeding kids, so we serve 5 meals a week. In La Cuchilla and Santa Fe, we complement other missions. Our 2 meals a week at those locations round out a combined 4-5 lunches available to the children each week. 

Beside the food in their bellies, that's a lot of eyes watching the children all year. We can often spot health and social issues in the attendance, appearance, and behavior patterns of the children. 

We often offer a Bible story, social or health lessons, or occasional visiting missionary programs before meals.



BOOTS & SNEAKERS DRIVES- over 3000 pairs of boots and sneakers handed out since 2017. 

SUNDAY SCHOOL- weekly breakfast and Bible lesson with music and crafts 

Good News! Toys, food, games, music, and the GOOD NEWS of Jesus' birth. 

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