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MCU Guatemala is licensed as a disaster relief agency throughout Guatemala. This allows us to travel into restricted zones with relief supplies immediately. 

We purchase all of our supplies locally, eliminating shipping costs and port-of-entry delays. And because we use a different fund for salaries and logistics, 100% of disaster-related donations go directly to those affected. 


Our small size limits our capabilities at times. But it also makes us an invaluable supplemental resource. While we supplied tons of food and medicine over the years, we also are quick and nimble enough to find and quickly deliver stove repair parts, lamps, unusual or specialized medicines, "fun" yet vital items like a hose and sprinkler to keep kids entertained, padded flooring for toddler play areas, hair ties, and size XXXL boxers. 


When Volcano Fuego erupted in 2018, we were in shelters the following morning with a car load of baby supplies the director said they lacked. We soon found our niche working with a dozen or so non-government shelters. We spent each morning shopping and the afternoons delivering goods. We also tried to keep some local folks in business, buying bread and fruits from local vendors. 

When The Covid shutdown created a food crisis, we were permitted to travel to and from the central market to buy fruits and vegetables our mission families couldn't find locally. Thousands of other needy folks took to the streets looking for help, and we shared whatever we could, including hugs and prayer, for as long as we could. 

We try to maintain a small disaster account so we can jump into action at the first alarm. Besides the Fuego Volcano and Covid Crisis, we've been involved in a pair of mudslides and several floods. But usually, our assistance is with smaller-scale issues, like emergency repairs after a storm. 

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