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Disaster Relief


Misioneros Cristianos Unidos and A Couple of Christians are certified to provide disaster relief in Guatemala. 

We are able to bypass customs, tax, and permission requirements that slow the response of international agencies by purchasing needed items locally and delivering them directly where they are needed. 

Since disaster relief is part of our regular operations, we can use general funds for overhead costs. Our salaries are already funded separately. That lets us use 100% of disaster donations directly for victims and survivors. 

Our small size and buy-as-you-go model allows us to switch gears and respond to changing needs immediately. Don't need more water? Great. What do you need? 

We were in the Volcano Fuego shelters shortly after sunrise the next day, loaded with children's diapers and hygiene products the shelter director said he needed most. 

Over the next 15 months, we delivered tons of food and medicine, but also a cable to repair a speaker, a hot water carafe for moms to make bottles easier, a few sized XXX-L boxers for a particularly uncomfortable gentleman, and a garden sprinkler so kids could have some fun. 

When the Covid Shutdown left so many without food or money, we started an emergency food program. We delivered groceries and produce to families in our neighborhood and also to people begging on the streets. 

We also provided occasional meals like hearty soups or chicken and rice for the people lining the avenues waving their white flags. 

Sometimes, we don't have the skillset or equipment to respond to the scene of a disaster. After the tragic Santa Catarina Pinula mudslide wiped out 600 homes, we delivered baby supplies and cash to the central depot feeding and providing for the survivors and rescuers. 

Most matters we deal with are smaller scale, such as damage or loss from local flooding or slides. We maintain a small goodwill or local disaster fund to replace medicines and food to folks on a local level. These people are encouraged to pay us back or pay it forward, without obligation. 

Our small size limits our scope to a degree. We only respond where we can find a niche that makes a difference. However, we can always accept and forward donations if a supporter wishes to provide assistance. 

PHOTOS CLOCKISE FROM TOP LEFT: Women in Santa Fe receive groceries and produce to help get through the Covid shutdown. 2. Volcano Fuego aftermath  3. Donating underwear and socks to a Fuego shelter.   4. Part of Santa Catarina Pinula after the 2016 mudslide  5. Servng a meal to folks on the street in San Miguel Petapa during the Covid shutdown. 

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