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Here's some other stuff we've done over the years: 

Every mission has a shelf life, either by design or circumstance. Here are some of our short-term projects and other missions.

PAMAMUS school & children's ministry 

Just north of the city of Comalapa lies Pamamus, and it's small K-6 school. Although it is a public school, we provided faith support on our quarterly visits and included the children in our annual Christmas and shoes projects. 

A change in principals ended this relationship after many years. 


Although we still operate a 5-days-a-week children's feeding ministry in Cocales, we no longer hold weekly youth services and Sunday school, something that changed shortly after the passing of Pastor Feliciano. 

The feeding program remains a vital provider of faith and prayer support. 


After a pair of Wisconsin farmers introduced us to square foot farming, we realized there weren't many square feet available in our concrete neighborhoods. 

So we built urban gardens using tires, bottles, and crates on roofs and hanging down walls. After helping a family set up a garden, we provided soil and seeds. 

MILPAS ALTAS packing plant

There was a vegetable processing and distribution center in Milpas Altas where women brought their children with them to work as they peeled, cleaned, and packaged the arriving crops. 

We were always happy to include the 100+ children in our Christmas Projects until the Volcano Fuego eruption put them out of business. 


Pastor Juan and his church in Villa Nueva included a children's ministry for which we provided food and study materials support. They were also included in our special projects until the pastor decided he did not need the assistance anymore. 


Sister Ana cooked every day over an open fire under a shelter that barely offered refuge from the rains or the sun. 

Thanks to a large kick-off donation, we built a proper kitchen with a pila (sink) a well, 2 smokeless stoves, and storage to anchor our feeding program. 


When Guatemala shut down due to the covid pandemic, folks who needed food support waved white flags as a signal of need. 

We served meals and provided tons of groceries, fruits, and vegetables, as well as medicines, cooking propane, and more. Our Goodwill fund still provides these things on a more formal basis. 


The name for our original N.J.-based charity came from a blog we wrote called, "A Couple of Christians." The blog was mostly about our mission experiences, which at that time were with a variety of other short and long-term organizations. We also told stories and reflected on Bible passages. Nowadays, we send an e-mail to our followers every 8-12 weeks with updates and anecdotes.

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