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Most of December is spent spreading the Good News of Jesus’ birth, focusing on why He came here and how He saved us. We use special events and lots of wrapping paper to grab an audience to preach to.

Typically, a Christmas event consists of a special meal or snack, a gift of need and a toy for kids, an opening prayer from a local pastor, a film for the kids about Christmas, followed by our discussion or sermon about Christmas and salvation.

These events take place in each of our regular mission sites (La Cuchilla, La Isla, Pamamus, and Cocales). We try to spread the Word to other areas, too.

Since 2018, to help the neighborhoods as much as possible, we hire local women to prepare traditional Christmas tamales, ponche, and bread at each site. We pay the going rate for what they provide. This not only assists them financially, but it also helps engage the community in our Christmas Project. 

Our goal each year is to tell over 1,000 children and all the adults who show up about how much Jesus loves them and came to save not only the world... but each of them, too.

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