January starts the new school year in Guatemala, and that means we start a whole new season of our Children's Ministry in La Cuchilla and La Isla near Guatemala City and new this year, El Naranjo in Cocales. 

Covid concerns caused us to modify the feeding program in a way that allows minimal crowding through efficient serving and a staggered schedule. 

It also allows for small outdoor groups to whom we can share lessons and stories in our quest to keep Jesus in the minds of our children. Because they get bigger with the food, but they grow when they recognize & feel His Love.

2021 Women's Ministry 

The Women's Ministry began its 2021 meeting schedule with a socially distanced design in the Ciudad de Refugio Church. 

Once again, we registered the group as an affiliate of MOPS, who provide faith-based material to share with the women of the program and access to larger events in Guatemala City. 

The Women's Ministry has been vital in our Covid Food Assistance Program and some of our moms cooked the tamales for La Cuchilla during our Christmas Program. 

We look forward to more growth & collaboration ahead! 

Our Struggling Carriage 

This is a photograph of our 2006 Honda CRV. It is our only vehicle since our 1994 Escort went to that parking lot in the sky back in 2018. Unfortunately, it appears the CRV wants to call it a career soon, too. 

Unfortunately, a new car was not in the budget for 2021, but it will have to be now. We started a Go Fund Me site, but if you have the means to help us procure some new wheels, you can use the DONATE link above and write "car" in the comments. 

This is vital to our operation as mobility and spontaneity make us the nimble and responsive organization we want to be. 

Thank you for any help you can give us. God Bless!    -PY&C

Also on tap in 2021: a new kitchen, food relief, and more

The feeding program in Cocales started in response to the school closings and its effect on children who counted on the lunch it provided. The program continues into 2021 as the local school remains closed, with plans to make it a permanent part of the community. 

Sister Ana and her helpers cook over open fires in what barely qualifies as a lean-to. Sometime in the near future, we plan on building a proper kitchen with efficient and smoke-free stoves, electricity, and improved food storage. 

If you would like to help grow this program, visit our DONATE page and write "Cocales" in the comments. 

Our White Flag families have not disappeared. Covid continues to wreak havoc in Guatemala City and many businesses that tried to reopen failed over the holidays. 

Therefore our emergency food assistance will continue indefinitely. We can always use prayers and other support for these desperate folks. 

The Pamamus School remains closed. As soon as it opens, we will be there with supplies and to spread the Word. 

2021 Sneaker Project 

The Covid Crisis threw a lot of plans into chaos last year. One of the things we missed out on was sharing brand-new sneakers with all of our children. The event was scheduled for March, pushed to June, and then was to be part of our Christmas Project. 

But suppliers were also handcuffed by the crisis, and so it is that we will share those sneakers starting in February at our three feeding program sites. 

We plan to put sneakers on other children, too. We are still working with families affected by the Covid crisis and plan to assist their children with new sneakers. 

Our school in Pamamus has not announced an opening date, but we will get those feet covered as soon as we can, too. 

Our Mission and Goal

Our mission is to spread God's love through His Word, through our words, through our works, and with His help. Our goal is to help people get through acute and chronic crises by introducing (or reminding) them of the Hope and Love Jesus offers.

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God bless and thank you for your support!