"Our kids get bigger with food, but they grow with Christ."

We're feeding more kids than ever! 

Masks, distancing, and crowd limits are still enforced in Guatemala as vaccination programs progress slowly.

But we still deliver prepared meals to our kids. 

In La Cuchilla and Cocales, we serve 200 meals at the front gate to be safely enjoyed back at their homes. 

Our JUST RE-OPENED FEEDING PROGRAM in Santa Fe provides pre-packed lunches from an outdoor location to another 150 children in need. 

We also hand out meals to people in need on the streets of Guatemala City and deliver grocery sacks to families struggling to get by. 

Formal sit-down classes remain on hold, but we make the most of one-on-one and family interactions! Jesus' love is spreading faster than any virus among our kids! 

Covid precautions still throw some roadblocks and speedbumps along our path. But that just makes us more determined to get the job done for our brothers and sisters in Guatemala. 

2021 Sneaker Project -500 pairs of happy feet! 

Handing out new sneakers and shoes to the children of our programs is usually a huge celebration with soccer games, smiles, and photos.

But Covid keeps us from gathering together, so we had to deliver the goods one-on-one as they arrived for their meals. 

Judging from the phone calls and happiness received after the handout, the shoes are just as big a hit as they usually are. 


And that is simply awesome. We're left with some extras we'll slowly distribute to children on the streets and in some local churches.  


Guatemalan Generosity

Yesenia and I are not always on the giving end of things down here in Guatemala. 

Sharing and giving is a way of life, even for those who don't have a heck of a lot for themselves. 

We're never sure what we'll come home with. 

Over the years, we've sat down for countless meals served not by us, but by our hosts. 

We've also returned home with lots of home-grown vegetables, fruits, eggs from their own hens, and sometimes even the hen, or a chicken or two. 

But the most consistent thing folks share with us is prayer, and hope for the future. 

Please join us in praying for those we help, and those who help us. Que Dios les bendiga!!!

MCU Family Updates: 

THANK YOU for your help in replacing our vehicles. We now own a pair of SUVs to help us spread God's love around Guatemala. 

We also received an additional donation to make some much-needed repairs to our home in the months ahead. 

We rely on your generosity to keep us working on our mission full-time. Thank you for what you've done and for whatever you might do for us going forward. 


Ana and Feliciano cook for about 50 children every day at their home and church. 

Their kitchen is simply an outdoor fire area with bamboo and tin walls barely holding up a laminated roof. The front is wide open to the elements, whether the devastating sun of the dry season or driving rains of the wet season.

A gracious donor gave us funds to build a proper kitchen and storage area for the family and the program, probably in August.

Look out for how you can help stock their new digs! 



Since online lessons are not viable for most of the students, teachers prepare weekly batches of lessons and worksheets. 

Parents come by the school each Monday to turn in last week's work and receive the new week's packet and instructions from the teachers. 

During the week, parents and teachers communicate via Whatsapp or phone. 

Parents took home new sneakers for the children one Monday, and we hope to do more for the students and teachers in the months ahead. 


Our women's ministry remains a mostly virtual endeavor this year, with lots of messaging and photos shared. 

The women visit the feeding sites regularly and still provide important information about families in acute need. 

MOPS-Guatemala provides online classes and sessions that some of our women are able to participate in. They can then share parts of those gathering with the others. 


Our Mission and Goal

Our mission is to spread God's love through His Word, through our words, through our works, and with His help. Our goal is to help people get through acute and chronic crises by introducing (or reminding) them of the Hope and Love Jesus offers.

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God bless and thank you for your support!