Food, Faith, and Love is the Formula

Breaking Ground in Cocales 

Things are getting pretty exciting at our Cocales Youth Church and feeding program. 

They recently took delivery of over 1,000 cinder blocks, and heavy loads of rebar and lumber, lamina (roofing), cement mix, stones and sand that will soon form the walls and ceiling around their new feeding program kitchen. 

The children in the video above are so excited, they couldn't help but jump in to help move the delivered materials to the work zone. 

The kids show up every day to watch. And in the middle of all of this, Sister Ana continues to feed those kids and dozens more each day. 

Special thanks to our friend, Steve, who provided the construction funding, as well as our friends at Langhorne Presbyterian Church who sent additional funds to fill the new kitchen with accessories and equipment. 

Construction should be done by October, with a new pila, stoves, refrigerator, and cabinets arriving soon after. 

Our Latest Stories 

We've been keeping busy making the rounds with our 450 children across 4 sites. 

Our La Cuchilla and Santa Fe feeding programs are running with some modifications to meet strict rules about social gatherings. We moved the cooking operations into our home and deliver the meals directly from the back of our car at each site. 

By arriving early, we can hand out the food as the children arrive and prevent too big of a crowd at any given moment. The kids are all mask-compliant, too. 

We sneak messages of Love into the meals to remind them Jesus is still in control and loves them dearly. 

October 1 is International Children's Day, During that week, children will receive a special treat bag with a Gospel activity, sweets, and more. 

We are also preparing 500 hygiene kits consisting of toothpaste and brushes, soap, washcloths, hand gel, and children's masks for the children at our sites and other needy youngsters we see around the streets. 

And if that isn't enough, we already purchased our first Christmas toys for our traditional GOOD NEWS celebration that ends our year. 

Our goal as always is to hand out 1000 toys, articles of need, tamale meals, and stuffed food baskets to our kids and families, as well as others around Guatemala. 


The Pamamus School children will receiver hygiene kits and treat bags in early October before ending their school year later in the month. 

We have already discussed Christmas plans with parents and teachers, committing to another "Christmas in January" when our kids return to the classrooms (we hope!) in January. 

Our Women's Ministry remains limited but active. Google Meeting and Whatsapp are instrumental in keeping the group together. MOPS continues to provide teaching, faith-building, and parenting materials for the group. The women's prayer meetings and community monitoring during the Covid crisis are also vital. 

Thank You to our friends at Langhorne Presbyterian who bought a new freezer for our home. Now that we cook meals for the programs here, food storage became an issue for us which is now fixed.


THANK YOU also to everyone who took the time to express condolences and make other gestures in memory of Yesenia's father last August. 

Yesenia and Pat ask for additional prayers as they deal with major decisions regarding the assets of the Ciudad de Refugio properties and programs. 

Growth appears inevitable and we ask God for the discernment and clarity needed to move forward in a faith-based and successful manner. 


Special Day in La Cuchilla and Santa Fe

We took a little time off after the death of Yesenia's father and the founder of La Cuchilla's Ciudad de Refugio Church and the feeding program we now run. 

On our first day back, we had a small prayer service for Pastor Avelino and Pastor Feliciano, as well as to remember with love the life and contributions to the city feeding programs of our friend, Janel, who passed away 4 years ago on that date. 

Our new kitchen in Cocales will be named "Cocina de Janel", or Janel's Kitchen in her memory. RIP. 


Our Mission and Goal

Our mission is to spread God's love through His Word, through our words, through our works, and with His help. Our goal is to help people get through acute and chronic crises by introducing (or reminding) them of the Hope and Love Jesus offers.

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God bless and thank you for your support!