"Our kids get bigger with food, but they grow with Christ."

Team prepares to serve a hot meal.

250 Children enrolled in the 2021

La Cuchilla/Santa Fe Children's Ministry and Feeding Programs.

An additional 50 children are fed daily in the El Naranjo program in Cocales. 

We are pleased to report the Pamamus School and its teacher-driven lunch program reopened in mid-February for their 120 students.

Our bible lessons are a challenge during the government-mandated Covid restrictions. But we do our best with our limited time together as the children arrive in staggered small groups. 

In lieu of our usual classroom lessons, printed stories, lessons, and prayers will have to do for now. And we continue to let the children know there is a safe place for them in La Cuchilla.

IMG_0702. Children wait outside for their meal.

2021 Women's Ministry 

The Women's Ministry began its 2021 meeting schedule with a socially distanced design in the Ciudad de Refugio Church. 

Once again, we registered the group as an affiliate of MOPS, who provide faith-based material to share with the women of the program and access to larger events in Guatemala City. 

The Women's Ministry has been vital in our Covid Food Assistance Program and some of our moms cooked the tamales for La Cuchilla during our Christmas Program. 

We look forward to more growth & collaboration ahead! 

IMG_1638 brand new sneakers and socks for our kids

2021 Sneaker Project 

After the Covid-related delays of 2020, it looks like we will finally put brand-new sneakers on the feet of our mission children!

We found a supplier who can deliver the quantities we need at a price we can afford. 

Thanks to your donations, we stepped up a bit in sneaker variety and quality this year. We can't wait for our kids to see their new sneakers and listen to their laughter as they run around in them. 

We expect to fit over 500 children, including many from outside our regular programs, with our colorful bounty. 

As always, we purchased the sneakers from a Guatemala distributor of these Central American-made shoes. 


Back in early December, the mayor of Cocales visited the El Naranjo neighborhood and noticed that children were flocking to the youth church of Pastor Feliciano and Ana. 

Of course, they were heading there for the daily lunch. He watched the children pray, sing, and eat together and listened to the story of Ana's feeding program. 

In January, Ana and Feliciano were lauded for their work at the mayor's annual "Best of Cocales" luncheon. The mayor also thanked MCU-Guatemala for our support and donated hundreds of pounds of vegetables to the program. 

Kevin helps set Christmas food basket on local woman's head.

 Kevin Blanco (1988-2021)

Misioneros Cristianos Unidos lost one of its most valued assets- a good friend & volunteer this month. 


Kevin Blanco was willing to drive anywhere, anytime to help us deliver the Good News of Christ's Love to the people of Guatemala. 

Kevin kept to the background in our endeavors, providing security when we visited some rougher neighborhoods or just lending another smiling pair of hands in our more routine events. 


If you look close, you can catch a glimpse of Kevin in many photos of our mission projects. 


He was a good man, a good friend, and a good son who did his best in everything. And MCU will always consider him part of our family.    

MCU Family Updates: 

THANK YOU for your help in letting us replace our struggling carriage. We hope to receive a new SUV soon that will help us confidently and quickly deliver our ministry blessings as far and wide as we can! 

CATALINA started kindergarten this month, participating in the at-home program of the Hebron School of Guatemala City. This is a Christian, bi-lingual school with a variety of home-schooling options for Guatemalan and immigrant families... like ours! 

We are in the early planning stages for a new kitchen for the Cocales feeding program. Feel free to donate to Ana's new digs or any other part of our mission! God bless you! 

Our little Catalina ready for her first day of kindergarten.

Our Mission and Goal

Our mission is to spread God's love through His Word, through our words, through our works, and with His help. Our goal is to help people get through acute and chronic crises by introducing (or reminding) them of the Hope and Love Jesus offers.

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God bless and thank you for your support!