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Days to Remember

Our church holds a monthly Communion service, "Santa Cena" as we call it, or Holy Meal.

We join churches around the world in remembering the words of Jesus at the Last Supper.

Jesus was probably at his most human self on that fateful Thursday night.

He asked his apostles to remember Him whenever they broke bread and shared wine.

And I believe part of him truly worried the world would forget him.

Could it happen that everything Jesus did, said, and felt would go for naught?

Surely that was the hope of his enemies when they crucified him amidst common criminals.

But the forces of evil managed only to inflict Christ's followers with a couple of sad days.

And they unwittingly set up the most glorious day in history, when Jesus rose from the dead.

It crosses my mind how those folks would feel to see an Easter service 2000 years later.

And I smile widely at the notion of inviting them to our Christmas celebration.

Jesus' death and resurrection might be the holiest events on the Christian calendar.

But his innocuous presentation in the little town of Bethlehem gives rise to the biggest birthday party of the year... every year.

Sure, we can lament the commercialization of Christmas.

Or we can accept even the silliest tradition or song as another tribute to the King.

Students of culture can explain how snowmen, trees, and gifts came to play a part in it all.

But as long as we remember why it is such a big deal, we give glory where it is due.

"Faith, Hope, Charity, and The Good News shared in an atmosphere of Love..."

This is the Christmas tradition I believe in most.

Whatever you do this Christmas, do it in remembrance of Jesus and the Good News.

While our Savior smiles and remembers how he once thought we'd need help remembering Him.

We believe every day is Christmas,

and we can't wait to get back to sharing Faith, Hope, Charity, and the Good News

in an atmosphere of Love.

But first, let us say, "Merry Christmas!" to each of you

and offer our prayers for a prosperous new year full of Love!

You can follow our Facebook page or website for updates on our Good News Celebration

as it rolls through the 2022 season.

God bless you!

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